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Me and Skull by Skywalker0007 Me and Skull :iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 0 3
Littlest Cyclops: Terry's 1st Draft
Two assignments due next Monday for Beginners Creative Writing class.
- A revised poem
- New Prose Draft

The Shape of a Human
Its flesh frames the bones and arrangement of its
Unoriginal biology
We've got species and variations
Extending from a complex network of the Mons' tree of evolution
The Cyclopian, Insectians, the Amphibians, the Reptilian,
Eterca, eterca
Mixes of all or one or two or three in many mons.
But in their world, they are solely homo sapients.
Do they know of their own deadly toxicity?
We're gifted with mobility and physical diversity
so why couldn't biology
immune us from their toxicity?
In the veil of shadow, the small human can see our shape.
And our eyes or eye would meet against
its demure eyes...
You can't even see the toxicity in their eyes
But you can see their frame of innocence
Ready to belt out the lungful of scream

"Pretend this is a bedpost." Mike's nails scr
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 1 0
Terry On Scare Semantics
After an outdoor workout, they would rest in an empty classroom.
"Ok, we got about a week until the next competition and then that Final competition, so I now that we're rest up." Mike had a mischievous grin. "I've got a little surprise drill for you guys."
They leaned forward from their desks, ready to react to his barrage of homemade flashcards, expecting him to shout out hypothetical situations.
He whipped out some notebook paper. "A timed essay."
Sulley, Squishy, and Terri simultaneously threw out an immediate "Aw," as disgruntled students do when ambushed with a pop quiz. Don and Terry exchanged glances. Art went, "Aw yeah."
"Pardon me, Michael," Don remarked. "I appreciate the drill. Wouldn't it be more productive to rehearse the knowledge rather than... scribble it down?"
Mike seemed prepared for this sort of feedback. "The idea is that I read them aloud. And based on your knowledge and content, I toss out miscellaneous tips, based on what I assess from your display of knowledge
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 0 0
Terry Perry's Musings: 1st Draft of Champ Victor
Prof. Tulley's Prompt: Write third-person POV prose about a despicable, vile character. Not a cartoonish supervillain, but someone who can exist in real-life. Explore him or her. Base him/her on anybody you know and make an attempt to understand this character and his/her deeds. This can be an exercise in writing unreliable narrators. This draft will be conceptual. It will take a few drafts to perfect a challenging premise.
Champ Victor
By Terry Perry

The party would be a disaster without the losers, thought the bullish fraternity President as he admired himself in the silver of the trophy's reflection in the Hallway of Accomplishments.
Gazing before his impeccably polished trophy of last year's victory, he flashed his trademark devilish grin that could produce a child's scream worth five energy canisters. He was scarlet and broad-chested, accentuated by the dark-crimson sweater bearing the golden fraternity initials. He had two gre
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 0 0
Terry Perry's Musing: Poetry/Prose I
Journal Scrawling during Prof. Tom Tulley's lecture in Poetry/Prose class.
-Steal from your own life.
Rough drafts of poetry submitted for completion grades. Some considered unfinished and unsatisfactory by its sleep-deprived author.
Being a Coat Rack
sturdy in its inflexible, immobile spine of stiffness
suspended rack-arms
the spider of its legs
posed on hardwood
let them hang and shroud items on you
blinding you with a furry coat, a cashmere, a demi jacket
compacted sawdust of molecues so packed
that no one thinks of its agony,
its eternal arthritis.
Cursed by illogical anatomy
constricted limbs
How do they ever dance?
Their deadly toxicity
is nature's way of compensating
for the restraint of their biology
Two eyes, two legs, one mouth, one head
a lungful of scr
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 3 1
Terry's Unpublished Opinion
An article by a guest writer laid among the files of unpublished submissions to the "Campus Roar" Opinion page. Submitted three days after the Campus Roar publication of the "Cute-Ma-Kappa" front page article, the article attracted much of the staff members' eyes, inspiring them to jeering snickers, uneasy chuckles, silent guilt, or just mere apathy.
A majority of the staff deemed it unsuitable for publication for reasons best left to private conjecture.
Opinion Page Entry: "On Competition"
I caution readers of the pessimism ahead. I would ask you to forgive it, but I cannot, especially, when M.U. has constantly justified this pessimism.
The monster culture is defined by Scaring. What drives it? Competition. As a competitor of this year's Scare Games myself, I have experienced its pros and cons of competition.
Competitive drives can be fun and handy. It teaches discipline and competency in situations of great pressure. Co
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 5 0
Epilogue: Beyond OK
Epilogue: The Salesmonster's Diploma
As Don climbed upstairs into his first night in the Squibbles household, he thought about the only empty bedroom, containing a bunk bed for two. Don was curious to think of the one or two Oozma(s) who will join the family. At least for now, the vacant room for two can wait, for the O.K. family was complete.
Dragging his trunk into his room, Don was welcomed by the photos of his family that he hung earlier weeks ago.
And Don had not forgotten about the white package in his trunk. He pulled the package out. It contained a box of Mochi candy shipped from Kapan, his belated Holiday gift for the hostess of the house. Though Don had intended to give it to her earlier, he felt that he should hand it to her personally when he wasn't surrounded by the rowdy Oozmas. He set the package on his desk as a reminder to present it to her tomorrow morning. He rehearsed to himself that he would thank her for the Oozma Kappa housing, without articulating that hi
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 0
Beyond OK: Ch.15
Chapter 15: Post-Initiation
Don wanted to pat the Perrys' back after what they had been through. After the final knighting with the O.K. paddles, the initiation left the Perrys wracked with shock, each of their eye wide and unflinching, their lips glued in a straight horrified frown, and their tentacles stuck to the floor. Terri shivered, his neck wobbling, while Terry was stiff like a teeter-ball pole.
"MOM, we're done!" Scott shouted and on cue Ms. Squibbles bust through the basement door, not bothering to flick on the lights, and clambered down the stairs with a camera. Scott and Art pulled the shocked Perrys to the center of the basement in front of the flashlight, and Don joined his brothers, also reaching for the twins so to pat their back, hoping to assuage their stupor. But then Ms. Squibbles counted to three, driving Don to instinctively grab the immobilized twins' shoulders like they were best buds, smile, and pose for the photo. The camera flashed. Then it flashed a f
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 0
Beyond OK: Ch. 14
Chapter 14: Initiation
At the start of the Holiday, practicality drove Don to have second thoughts about selling his apartment. So he contacted Ms. Squibbles once to clarify that he wouldn't exactly be a permanent resident in her household. It was appropriate that his Emeryville apartment would serve as a holiday, summer, weekend home like the way on-campus resident students visited their home on weekends. The only difference was that Don would be coming home to loneliness, not family (with the exceptions of his occasional visits to Ma' Carlton's home, his childhood home, downtown Montropolis), on those weekends and holidays.
At least it would save him the work of printing new business cards. 1200 Dark Avenue, Emeryville was still his home.
Since Oozma Kappa kicked off as a M.U. fraternity, the Office of Greek Life sent him a catalog of fraternity items- mugs, T-shirts, jackets- to peruse. Having sent away Holiday cards to ex-Oozmanian Industry co-workers, Don figured Hol
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 3 0
Beyond OK: Ch. 13
Chapter 13: Reaping the Regrets
At that revelation about Ms. Squibbles, Don luckily swallowed his cocoa before he could spit it out.
"Missus, you studied Scarin'? Why, you are filled to the brim with surprises."
Blinking at his flattery, she continued, "I attended M.U. when Hardscrabble was teaching, before she became Dean."
"What became of your dream?"
"My dream? Not quite, my parents' dreams, actually."
"Pardon me for assuming."
"It's all right... after all, I suppose it was a dream. Sorta." She sunk back. "Scaring, I had to tell myself I wanted it, even though my parents wanted it first. I mean, yes, great income and not to mention, I would've loved to be a face on a trading card. Who wouldn't? The classes are fun. I aced those few semesters. It was when Hardscrabble started out as instructor before becoming the Dean I remember. Never met anyone stricter than my parents."
"Now Missus, that's a mighty fine accomplishment, impressing Harescrabble enough to survive a few
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 0
Beyond OK: Ch. 12
Chapter 12: A Lull In the Conversation
To prevent another outbreak of back pain, Don lugged himself up to the living room, still a messy war zone since the last Oozma battle. To help out Ms. Squibbles, he hauled the turned-over couch back to its position. Then, he turned over the toppled blue-stripped armchair (that served as Art's war shelter). The exertion amplified his back pain, so he collapsed himself right onto the armchair right when he brought it up. To bring his mind off the pain, he studied Ms. Squibbles's furniture and decorations. Worn, yet well-cleaned, probably purchased from yard sales or even thrift stores. Ms. Squibbles had extravagant, yet somehow inexpensive taste. The faded marks on the fabric indicated that a lady's deft hands and management preserved the furniture's freshness.
Soon next semester, rowdy Oozmas would fill the empty seats around him, so Don resolved to enjoy this peace while it lasted. Yet, part of him regretted not joining the Oozmas to the a
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 0
Beyond OK: Ch. 11
Chapter 11: Faces on the Cards
It was final Friday of the M.U. semester, and having finished his exams, Don sat all nice and snug in his apartment, enjoying an early Holiday card from former co-worker Andrew. Busy fella'. And speakin' of other old friends, Don tried reaching them again. However, Pete and Andrew didn't pick up, perhaps too occupied with business, so Don left them some Merry Holiday messages, while only Dan, again, had time to converse with ole' Don.
"Daannn, I'm doin' great! How are ya'? Say hullo to yer wife and tykes for me."
"Got lil' Janny sittin' on mai knee right now." Don could hear a toddler babbling through the speaker. "So how's ev'erythang else? Passed all yer computer classes? Whatcha been doin'?"
"Settlin' down for da' Break and sellin' some Exam books. Sold two Exam Books yesterday. Actually quite an accomplishment." Not compared to the recent triumph of being accepted by an frat of M.U. youth.
"I recall you mentioning yer took Scarin' the last time
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 0
Beyond OK: Ch. 10
Ch. 10: The Sorority Alumna's Approval
Perhaps it was Dean Hardscrabble's nocturnal heritage that prompted her to keep her office in mininal light, that natural sunlight pouring from the window through the darkness. Or maybe it was to establish her credibility as a Scarer.
Don Carlton had the sudden intuition that Dean Hardscrabble was not fond of salesmen, because when he flipped out his business card out of simple habit, she responded, "Mr. Carlton, if you are engaged in your selling activities, I'll have you know it's a campus misdemeanor to sell non-campus-approved products."
"My apologies." And just when Don was about to stick his card back into his pocket, he spotted its "Oozmanian Industry" text. He reminded himself he would need to print out new cards without his now-former company name.
Dean Hardscrabble went on, "Well good day sir. I called you here to discuss your petition to be received back into the Program. Mr. Carlton, your record states that almost 30 years ag
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 1 1
Beyond OK: Chapter 9
Chapter 9: The Ties and Art of Brotherhood
Although Scott's uncanny stare had successfully acquired two recruits, Scott had unfortunately relied solely on that eye contact strategy until Don advised Scott to adjust to another communication strategy. Don't force the smile, just talk and don't think too hard, it's all about instinct. Scott always nodded at the instructions and would (try to) carry them out. Don concluded that Scott wasn't incapable of natural communication, but he lacked the spark to maintain a smooth consistency in communication that made him immediately socially relatable.
Since the recruitment of the Perry twins, Scott and Don had been switching locations over the next few days, from the path of the library, even in front of the Scaring School, and then finally, Don and Scott eventually agreed to try the Frat and Sorority Row where students often went to for various events. Looking at all the lush frat housings, made Don think that if had proposed Oozma Kappa s
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 1 1
Beyond OK: Ch. 8
Chapter 8: Two Heads, One Body
Having just reeled in a pair of potential recruits by the power of his uncanny glare, Scott tried to compose himself. "Um, hi, I know you from English class. We never spoke, cause' you're always on the front of the class, and I sit in the back."
"Ohhhh, um, I knew I've seen you somewhere, and if you have a question about the final paper, then you're screwed because that was due yesterday," remarked the double-horned taller head.
"Um, no, I turned that in already, I, well, we are trying to form a fraternity, for..." Scott turned to Don, who waved his hands to coach him. Those who didn't make it into the Scaring Program. We're recruiting for Oozma Kappa. I was wondering, did you get kicked out of the Scaring Program?" There was no way this would sound appealing to even the most fitting potential members.
The brows above their eyes rose with mortification. "Oh, thanks for reminding us of our failure two semesters ago," muttered the taller head as he s
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 1
Beyond OK: Ch. 7
Chapter 7: Eye Lockin'
That Monday marked the last Final Weeks and the first day of (Scott's) recruitment for Oozma Kappa. Don set up the booth and readied the clipboard, paper, and pen in his hand. Now to acquire the recruits.
Now Scott should be here at any minute now to hel- yipes.
Don spun around to discover Scott, wearing an eager grin, standing behind him in close proximity. "Hey Don! I'm ready to go."
Ms. Squibbles stood nearby, attired in a blue dress with a name tag of "Nurse Sheri Squibbles" and nurse hat sitting on her curls. "Just dropping off my lil' trooper. Also, Don, I need to talk to you about move-in."
"Oh, I was a-thinkin' I'll settle in last weekend of the M.U. holidays. Maybe on a Saturday. And I would also need to stop by to drop off some of my stuff at yer home sometimes. It might take a few days as I need to walk there."
"Wait, you don't have a car? Then I'll just hafta to drive you to your home, help you load in some stuff, and transport em' to your new
:iconskywalker0007:Skywalker0007 2 2


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Docter makes the courageous decision to not notch up the "stakes"…
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